Otisco Lake Preservation Association   

            Otisco Lake is a beautiful lake. 
                                     Help us to be better stewards of our watershed.      

Grant Information

Completed March 2016:

Grant from CNY Community Foundation for the OLPA Watercraft Steward Program Aquatic Invasive Species Education Plan

OLPA is very grateful to CNYCF for acceptance of this grant and the encouragement it gave us!

1.  A 4*6 sign acknowledging OCWA and OLPA's pride in Otisco Lake providing drinking water to Onondaga County will be placed at the North end of the lake visible for travelers to either the east or west side of the lake. OCWA was very helpful in meeting with us and providing the man power and land for placement of the sign.

2. Two "Protect your Waters" signage (18" * 27") one for  Otisco Lake Marina and one for Otisco Lake Campground have been created for outdoor viewing to encourage boaters as they prepare to launch to remove any vegetation.

3. Three STOP AIS signs for launch sites disposal bins to promote leaving vegetation as boats go in and out of the water.

4. Class AIS Presentation at local Onondaga High School to the Global Environment class.

Prevention of Aquatic Invasive Species presentation to Mr. Mauro's Global Environment class at Onondaga High School.

Expired: OLPA has received a Grassroots Grant from the BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety & Clean Water.
Learn more about this exciting news by reading the published press release: 
BoatUS Foundation Grant.Press Release.pdf